UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Deforming Machines

Sistech boasts numerous applications for its deforming machines in many different sectors, for threading, bending, end-forming etc. Of particular importance are our machines for pipe threading, that is, threading of stainless steel and alloy steel pipes used in the production of  casings for motors and submersible pumps, filter supports, etc.
Our offerings, however, are always based on extremely customised solutions, with the integration of different processes, such as chip removal, assembly, welding.

Our main products are:
  - Machines for Cutting and End-forming copper and stainless steel pipes
  - Machines for Cutting and Bending copper and stainless steel pipes
  - Machines for pipe End-cutting and thread Rolling
  - Machines for Bending copper and aluminium hose-end fittings

The machines can be fitted with magazines for bar loading, unwinding coils equipment and automatic loading systems.
Our solutions can be supplied in a "Stand-Alone" version or they can be integrated into complete production lines.