UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Cutting and Shaping machines

An innovation in the pipe Cutting and Shaping sector is the new machine TS12/28 CNC, which can process materials such as STAINLESS STEEL- ALUMINIUM – COPPER with unmatched performance in its category.
The all-electric machine is controlled by a Siemens 840 sl CNC.
The position and force of the clamps for pieces being shaped can be programmed.

Main Technical Features:

   - Drastic reduction of downtime
   - Possibility of machining the pipe from a bar or reel  (max weight 600 kg)
   - Electronically controlled orbital cutting head (max 2500 rpm)
   - Revolver head with maximum 8 punches
   - The position and force of the clamps for pipes being shaped can be controlled (max 100kN per punch)
   - Pipe "RIP" cut cycle
   - Cycle times up to 1.5 sec/piece  (cut only)

Dimensional Range:

   -Pipes with diameter between 12 / 28 mm
   -Length (only cut) minimum 25 mm - maximum 2000 mm (cut + shape)
   -Pipe thicknesses between and including 0.5 mm and 1.5 mm