UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


SISTECH was founded in 2000 as a limited company with the initial purpose of constructing special machines for the production of electric motors, alternators and pumps. 
Since then we can boast production of countless applications of single machines and complete turnkey systems.

Our core business is the production of rotary table transfer machines but we also produce other types of machines.
SISTECH has developed a line of high performance machining centres, 5-axis TWIN SPINDLE series T.xx, complete with pallet changer.
In addition, a new series of vertical-axis TWIN SPINDLE VL Evo lathes completes the semi-standard offer for turning applications.

Today SISTECH can provide customers with complete production lines by integrating robotized load/unload systems, in-process controls, piece conveyor systems, vertical magazines, washing systems, vision systems. COMPLETE turnkey solutions.

SISTECH continues its principal activity as manufacturer of machine tools capable of proposing and constructing special customized solutions.

The main sectors in which the company operates are:
> General mechanics for mass productions
> Heating and cooling Industry
> Production of electric motors, alternators and hydraulic pumps
> Oil & Gas
> Automotive
> Military and Aerospace